You Make Geospatial Matter #4 - April 2019

- The Geo-Industry: "Small with major impact"
- Together going to school: The thought behind Common Ground
- Data driven decision making with the help of crowd sourcing
- The power of the Digital Twin
- Is a self regulating water system within reach using Machine Learning?
- Tech Column: An actual 3d environment on the web

You Make Geospatial Matter #3 - October 2018

- Guest column: Predicting with location-intelligence on micro-level
- Together towards a digital sharing economy
- Bergen op Zoom municipality utilizes location-intelligence to manage the urban landscape
- Energy transition dashboard helps local governments achieve sustainable goals
- Innovating without programming

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You Make Geospatial Matter #2 - April 2018

- The Utopian Smart City
- A Smart City learns from its citizens
- Almere municipality monitors polling station data
- Machine Learning in location-intelligence technology
- Building a Smart City one step at a time

You Make Geospatial Matter #1

October 2017

Articles within this issue:

- Predicting the correct question
- Data visualisation is essential for decision making
- Make Geospatial Matter
- Location-based decision making
- Bring on 2018

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