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Webcast: Cleaner Cities with Smart Emissions

Learn how the Smart Emission Network, based on Smart M.App technology, allows you to participate in the global discussion on air and noise pollution with an independent, low cost, plug-and-play sensor network. Transparent monitoring of sensors bring high value and insight to the participants in this Smart City project.

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Video: Smart Emission M.App

Collaborate with your government to solve pressing issues such as air and sound pollution by using this app to visualise sensor data!

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Video: Building Volume Calculator

Calculate volumes of building using footprints and elevations for field inspections to cross check with your current volume data. 

Video: Predict e-car charging points

Policy makers can now plan for strategic placement of charging points to support the growing number of electric vehicles. 

Video: Green Area Monitor (Dutch)

Analyse the proportion of green areas as compared to paved or built-up areas using data from 30 years. 

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Webcast: Big Data Management (Dutch)

Centralise, manage and distribute large volumes of geographic data without compromising on quality. ERDAS APOLLO provides advanced data management and mobilisation. Learn how!

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