Mobile Alert
Mobile Alert
Cloud-based citizen crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing to collect data about city infrastructure is quickly growing in popularity. Engaging citizens to report on issues helps resource-thin public works agencies by providing them with a reliable, cost-effective source of actionable information. While cities benefit from enlisting the masses to help define and pinpoint issues, citizens gain an avenue to contribute to their community at large. 

Mobile Alert is a cloud-based service that provides crowd-sourced incident information to subscribing organizations such as local governments or utilities. Interested citizens can register issues involving anything from graffiti and illegal trash dumping, to road problems such as potholes, missing street lights, or broken signage.


Enlist Your Citizenry

Empower watchful citizens who want to play a more active role in their community.


Cost Effective

Resource-thin local governments can affordably increase their reach and response.


Ready to Run

This cloud-based solution means no IT requirement, freeing your organization to concentrate on business and not technology.