Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network
Innovation Begins Here

Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network (HGDN) is the place to find not only the developer tools you need to succeed, but also the fundamental knowledge required to understand how to get the most out of technology. Designed especially for developers who use Hexagon Geospatial technology, this community unifies developers, product specialists, and ideas on a single platform. 

Why do you need HGDN?

Sometimes standard geospatial applications are not enough, and you would prefer to combine techniques from several products and portfolios; or you need help from experts to develop specific applications. HGDN helps those who want to customise standard products, create new applications altogether or have Hexagon Geosptial and/or Imagem create it. Be it GIS applications, a combination of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry or highly automated geospatial data management, HGDN provides an answer. 

First Step Towards Smart M.Apps Development

Gain full access to M.App Studio, the online environment, to create spatial processing models, configure workflows, determine the look and feel of Smart M.Apps and connect data. HGDN equips you to use technology as you need it - from development licenses for almost all products, extensive documentation, access to SDK's and API's, and examples and source-codes that are ready to use. In addition, HGDN offers the ability to ask Hexagon Geospatial experts to customise applications for you.

The ‘inner circle’ of application development

Above all HGDN is a network of technology experts. Being a part of HGDN enables you to contact and brainstorm with peers, within and outside of your own domain. Imagem implements the HGDN program for Benelux and offers additional support. This includes free access to our What's New training courses, periodic HGDN webinars and free access to an annual technical seminar. 


The Inner Circle

Join the support portal for developers that host shared source-code samples. Additionally, you gain access to HGDN specific areas of the Hexagon Geospatial Community.


Request help from experts

You will have the ability to request custom development from Hexagon Geospatial experts ensuring best-of-breed solutions to your problems. 


Licensing & Access

Access M.App Studio, selected SDK’s and API’s, as well as avail development license for selected Power Portfolio Products.