GeoMedia Add-Ons
GeoMedia Add-Ons

GeoMedia 3D

The world's not flat. Why view it that way? GeoMedia 3D adds another dimension of analysis and viewing to the GeoMedia environment. An integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment supporting realistic, three-dimensional views of your geospatial data.


GeoMedia Advanced Collection

GeoMedia Advanced Collection supports data collection and map production workflows used by international mapping agencies, in particular for the Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) program. It enhances productivity when collecting and validating vector feature data.

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GeoMedia GI Toolkit

GeoMedia GI Toolkit is a set of productivity tools designed to extend the capabilities of GeoMedia Professional. It supports data and map production workflows, including data collection, data integration and management and data dissemination.

GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst

Analyse and incorporate motion-video into your GIS analysis. GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional empowers analysis of motion video taken from UAVs and other moving vehicles in a high-productivity environment.

GeoMedia Objects

Developer tools for you! GeoMedia Objects features an advanced toolkit of GIS and cartographic functions that enable custom-built GIS solutions based on the GeoMedia platform.

GeoMedia Transportation Manager

Helping transportation professionals efficiently analyse and maintain your linear features and infrastructure. You can now automatically review networks and correct errors that may cause problems ‘down the road’.

Incident Analyst

Incident Analyst provides an intuitive, user-friendly mapping environment for analyzing and understanding any type of event-based information.