Lightweight and Flexible Workflows

Applications with spatial component are often complex, heavy, closed not understood by everyone who may ultimately have use for the wealth of information. In practice, spatial applications are used on project basis or for relatively short periods, thereby rendering it unless to make large investments in costly solutions.

Over time, the demand and requirement for spatial applications have grown. What is needed is quick apps that can be created and used in short turnaround time, with minimal investments. Smart M.App technology helps integrate modern and dynamic geospatial solutions into your location-based issues.

The apps are quick and easy to develop, provide high degree of flexibility, and are customisable to suit your requirements. They provide a unified platform for workflows, spatial models, data integration, analysis and visualisation.

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Smart & Easy

Smart M.App are lightweight, dynamic applications that can be custom developed for specific solutions. These easy to use apps provide powerful visualisation capabilities by combinatiing content, workflow, location and analysis on a unified platform. 

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Design, build, and publish Smart M.Apps. M.App Studio is an interactive, web-based workroom for designing, building and publishing Hexagon Smart M.Apps. It’s where all Smart M.Apps start.

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