ERDAS APOLLO 2018 Update 4
Technology Updates

ERDAS APOLLO 2018 Update 4

By Bryan on

Hexagon Geospatial has given ERDAS APOLLO 2018 a new update.

Apollo 2018 Update 4 Advantage/Professional:

  • [AP-4206, 00012309] Time Series does not work with the new broker WMS Service
  • [AP-6032, 00012365] REST API for Thumbnails did not support encoding/decoding of the URL
  • [AP-8792, 00031486,00017882] Attribute Based advance symbology for vector features fails
  • [AP-9017, 00036002,00028926] Be able to control what user/role can do CZS/download @ Apollo portal
  • [AP-9534, 00033585] Need to clean up "Error creating bean with name 'catalogService'" message in Tomcat log
  • [AP-10091, 00021951] Could not delete non-top level "ROOT" aggregate
  • [AP-10124, 00021939] Inconsistency of ISO metadata options for business data @ Apollo data manager.
  • [AP-10225, 00034536] Remove database passwords from configuration wizard log files
  • [AP-10644, 00028872] Bug in Geospatial portal Analysis tool
  • [AP-10646, 00028860] Problem to display WFS as Vector in Apollo portal
  • [AP-10686] Can't register point clouds in CORE if global masking is enabled
  • [AP-10707, 00030640] Administration Console > User Maps & Workflows, creates "invalid token" error with Windows Authentication
  • [AP-10732, 00031067] Apollo crawler & dropbox should use existing external ntf pyramid layer
  • [AP-10733, 00030611] Fuzzy keyword search for APOLLO catalog
  • [AP-10742, 00022785] Tomcat crashes, vector legacy services
  • [AP-10754, 00031943] WMS issue for legacy services with EPSG:2193
  • [AP-10755, 00031562] Raster aggregate does not display in apollo-portal with "esp_anonymous" role
  • [AP-10768, 00032251] Problems with APOLLO 2018 update 1 and 2 when adding, deleting and editing records and folders in ActiveMQ and IWS components
  • [AP-10770, 00032122] SSO Integration of QUARTZ Framework
  • [AP-10775] Upgrade our WCS to version 2.0.1 for raster only
  • [AP-10779] Allow deletion of metadata properties in the catalog API
  • [AP-10783, 00033178] APOLLO REST API double encodes special characters in urls
  • [AP-10788, 00033197] REST API issues with Multipolygon Footprint PATCH /content/catalog/items/{ID}
  • [AP-10804] Support for Open JDK - need to change how APOLLO determines the bitness of Java
  • [AP-10805, 00033026] Not possible to register some Web services in the catalog with an ORACLE DB
  • [AP-10820] Unable to crawl Geoprocessing Output on 16.5.1
  • [AP-10821, 00034075] EHCACHE setting for Apollo Cluster with multiple Networtinterfaces
  • [AP-10822, 00033983] Data manager authentication issues with SSO
  • [AP-10823] Errors in log file using dropbox to crawl files
  • [AP-10833, 00034371] APOLLO WebAPI functionality is not multi-threading safe: cannot create new crawling job
  • [AP-10834, 00034375] APOLLO WebAPI functionality is not multi-threading safe: cannot delete crawling job which has been marked as 'completed'
  • [AP-10835, 00034376] APOLLO WebAPI functionality is not multi-threading safe: failure to query already started job by its id
  • [AP-10854, 00031870] CZS failed in Apollo advantage license
  • [AP-10870] Add support for PCI Geomatics PIX format extension
  • [AP-10881, 00037152,00037144] blank lines when an user has not the rights to see aggregates/datasets in Data Manager


Apollo 2018 Update 4 Core

  • [IW-5964] Failure requesting Imagery from secondary node in cluster configuration with Windows Authentication
  • [IW-6042] Invalid cache-control being returned
  • [IW-6056] Changes made to a service does not get updated in the OGC capabilities docs
  • [IW-6125] Updated SDI Portal components
  • [IW-6071] Cache-control field name is repeated on its value in ecwp manager response headers
  • [IW-6097] Updated to latest Spatial Modeller SDK (ImageChain)
  • [IW-2992] ER Mapper Gdal translator does not support RAW images
  • [IW-3039] SPOT DIM failing to load
  • [IW-5453] APOLLO Core crashes adding specific TIL file
  • [IW-5911] Moving/Copying a folder+dataset will not update the console
  • [IW-5953] UI Improvements to New File/Folder Dialog Boxes
  • [IW-5972] Modifying capabilities name then copying the dataset within the service will cause cache to become out of sync with database
  • [IW-6014] Apollo adv/pro config wizard failed to create catalog tables for essential if using non-standard TCP port 1433
  • [IW-6116] Leaving a blank network path input in cluster options will crash the configuration wizard
  • [IW-6117] Set version and sign the console launcher
  • [IW-5980] No JRE installed gives weird error
  • [IW-6129] Requesting greyscale images without alpha as jpegxr via WMTS REST/KVP will crash the server
  • [IW-6076] Add support for PCI Geomatics PIX format extension