ATCOR now available as Spatial Operator

ATCOR now available as Spatial Operator

Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, the Netherlands

Even more flexibility in atmospheric correction! ATCOR is an add-on module for  ERDAS IMAGINE  for correcting atmospheric haze in satellite imagery. 

GeoSystems GmbH, who has developed ATCOR, has now released a new version of the software that includes spatial operators, next to a very intuitive standard user interface. Spatial operators can be used in custom processing models, thus allowing for use of ATCOR functionality in larger processes or automated workflows. 

Exposing functionality in the form of operators is happening at a fast pace inside Hexagon and its partners. It allows us to combine functionality from different modules seamlessly, and even to address functionality from third party applications within the model. 

Do you want to know more about ATCOR, or do you want to start using it right away? Please contact us for more information.