Smart Cities
Communicate Intelligence

Geo-Enable Cities to make Smarter Decisions

For the first time in history, more than 50 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas; and by the year 2050, nearly 70 per cent of people will live in cities. As we transform into a ‘digital’ society, cities are compelled to adopt a futuristic approach by planning ahead and breaking down the barriers of traditional thinking. Smart Cities use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enhance their liveability, workability and sustainability by collecting, communicating and crunching data – within and across departments and third parties.

Technology must facilitate collaborative planning, execution and management, while eliminating redundancy, and enabling higher productivity and efficiency in operations. Cities can more effectively share, disseminate information, enhance communications, and ultimately aid in better, and faster decision making and service delivery to the stakeholders.

Our solutions are designed to create a common operationg picture that enables organisations to capture, manage, analyse, integrate, and appropriately act on complex spatial and non-spatial data. Learn more about our smart solutions for asset and infrastructure management, transportation, utilities and telecom, and public safety and security.


Make Sense of Your Raw Data for City Planning and Design

Process satellite, aerial and UAV stereo images to create 3D information such as buildings, roads, trees, poles and contours to understand the city infrastructure more effectively. 


Transform Location Information into Actionable Intelligence

Design and manage city networks including utilities, sanitation and transportation by integrating real-time information from multiple disparate sources and providing actionable intelligence on a common operational platform. 


Build Meaningful Solutions and Streamline Decision Making for Collaboration

Leveraging business intelligence using maps based on intuitive and informative dashboards that help city administrations gain a crisp understanding of the situation.