Location Intelligence
Location Intelligence
Visualise Your Data

Improve operational efficiency

Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), Open Data and don’t forget your own data are all vital for your organization. Why? They are all more or less useful in your day-to-day processes and workflows. They form the data backbone of your entire organization.

BI (business Intelligence) is a popular term for visualizing this backbone through analytical questions into custom made dashboards for specific users. Everyone is familiar with the data-information-knowledge-wisdom flow. Data alone doesn’t give you anything. From the moment you put causal effect on your data source(s) you can see relationships and information becomes knowledge. Eventually you want to give good advice and make the best decisions. 

Infographic is a well-known term for visualizations with a lot of images and less text to make the message clear. As humans we process and understand visuals significantly faster than text. Would it be more powerful to add location to this equation? Location Intelligence will provide you extra insights in your business data.

Discovering trends isn’t hard to do but understanding them is a discipline for the educated. That’s why it’s of vital essence that organizations use the right data source(s). We support our clients with practical data solutions so that they can make the best decisions. We help them transforming complexity into simplicity. Our unique vision of visualizing knowledge on maps gives users innovative tools for advising and decision making.

Imagem optimizes the insights of directors, managers and policymakers’ Business Intelligence and Analytics reports by adding Spatial Analytics. These infographics become more interactive and real-time Location Intelligence solutions. Ultimately Imagem shortens your time between the observation of a phenomenon and making the right decision. Your organization and customers will benefit from this time (and cost) reductive solution.


Reporting & Analysis

Reporting made easy! Use intuitive dashboards to create dynamic, intuitive, and visual reports contain accurate and actionable data.


Plan head

Analyse historical data and real-time data to derive trends and patterns. Valuable insights from data can help you predict and plan a better tomorrow.


Connect all users

From policy makers to managers to field-works, all stakeholders can be connected through unified dashboard solutions that are useful for all.