Change Detection
Change Detection
Simplified Automation

Easily Find What's Changed

The world changes all the time, in both big and small ways, and keeping track of those changes can be infuriatingly difficult. Monitoring change to infrastructure or vegetation can be a tedious and time consuming process especially when comparing high-end images from different times, and then following up with on-site verification. City planners, property appraisers, environmental engineers and foresters need a more efficient process that saves time over existing methods.

Our simplistic solutions are designed to help end-users identify changes that are highlighted and sorted, making the review process highly efficient. Our solutions help you detect changes in land use & land cover, delineating wetlands loss and encroachment, estimating forest loss through development or disease, identifying new housing and infrastructure changes, mapping flood extent areas and disaster impact zones, and more! 


Automate the Process

Spend less time and money processing information and conducting site visits. Use automated workflows to keep track of those changes and extract useful information. 



Geospatial change detection is a powerful tool that can provide analysts with greater insight into changing environments and provide more meaningful analysis.


Manage large amounts of imagery

Easily compress, store, manage, and deliver your volumes of disparate, distributed geospatial and business imagery.