Big Data Management
Big Data Management
Make Sense of Data Deluge

Easily manage distributed data stores

Organisations using geospatial imagery - government, primary industries, safety and security agencies, infrastructure managers - are increasingly face the challenge of managing massive amounts of geospatial data. As the sheer volume and variety grows, so does the need for effective management and distribution.

There is imminent need for comprehensive management of distributed data stores, and delivery across desktop, mobile, and web applications.

Our solutions help you easily compress, store, manage, and deliver your volumes of disparate, distributed geospatial and business big data. You can now perform in-depth searches of geospatial and business assets and access them in any application.


Reduce Data Storage Costs

Compress imagery and reduce disk space by 95% while maintaining visually lossless quality. Reduce your storage and management costs with leading-edge data compression technology.


Harness the Data Deluge

Keep your data organised and indexed, while making it available across your organisation and accessible on multiple platforms - desktop, mobile, and web applications.


In-Depth Analysis

Extract exactly what you need from big data and use it in streamlined vertical market applications. Powerful front end tools let you perform in-depth searches of geospatial and business assets from any client. Visualize, analyse, download, or just interpret online, in 2D or 3D.