Smart M.Apps for Education
Smart M.Apps for Education

Introducing Smart M.Apps

Smart M.Apps are lightweight and dynamic applications that combine content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single platform to produce powerful visualisations. Learn how students can benefit from using Smart M.Apps in 4 simple steps. We recommend that you watch the videos in the prescribed order. 

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1. Smart M.Apps for Education

Learn how students from universities can benefit building custom Smart M.Apps from scratch. 
Duration: 10m 41s

2. Upload Data To Create

You can use your own data to create a Smart M.App. But first, learn to upload data using a dummy dataset. Download data for use.  
Duration: 2m:45s

3. Build Your First Smart M.App

It's time to build your first Smart M.App? Watch and learn how simple and quick it is to create a dynamic app!
Duration: 26m 39s

4. Create Your own Data

Now that you know how Smart M.Apps work, learn to create your own data. 
Duration: 14m 05s