1100+ Kilometres Across Europe Without A Carbon Footprint

Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Arjen Haayman, Technical Consultant at IMAGEM commendably rode his cycle for 1100+ kilometres, from the Netherlands to Poland to reduce his carbon footprint.

In the age of shrinking global boundaries when travel by airplanes and trains are the most convenient options, their effect on environment is far too great to ignore. Emissions from airplanes, trains, ships and motor vehicles alike are still major pollutants that affect the atmosphere. Arjen is committed to an environment-friendly lifestyle, and prefers to avoid motorised transport as much as possible in his efforts to reduce emissions. He is an avid cyclist who prefers to bike 35 kilometres to and from work every day.

Interestingly, as a part of the IMAGEM team, Arjen has been instrumental in working with the Municipality of Nijmegen on a project that makes it possible for citizens to keep track of air- and noise-pollution using a dynamic dashboard.

He says, “The main reasons why I prefer to bike are – environment, health, speed, money and fun. Biking is good for the environment as it reduces emissions compared to motorised transportation. It’s also good for health, especially at my age (55 years). I never have to go to the gym! The ride everyday combines fun with speed, I can be out in the open and breathe fresh air while avoiding traffic due to dedicated bike lanes in the Netherlands. It’s also cost-effective – I save about €1500/year in travel costs by biking regularly.”

Hence, when Arjen had to travel for business meetings with IMAGEM’s technology partner, Hexagon Geospatial in Poland, he looked for the most emission-effective way to get there. Encouraged alike by his biking interest group(s) and colleagues, he chose to travel by bike.

Starting from his home in the last week of October 2017, Arjen cycled all the way to Lodz crossing borders in Europe and completing his journey in only six days – a day ahead of schedule. For the final 40 kilometres, he was joined by two of his peers from Hexagon Geospatial to show their support. Watch his story https://youtu.be/kdyimPUE9ck.

IMAGEM is proud of Arjen Haayman’s contributions to a greener earth. We support his efforts to accelerate awareness and hope to have him back in office in good health, enriched with the experiences from his amazing journey.

On Saturday, 11 November 2017, Arjen will embark on his journey back to the Netherlands from Poland. You can live-track him at www.accelerateawareness.com.

For more information, please contact:

Yashita Arora
Marketing Manager at IMAGEM