Water Boards
Water Boards
Simplify Intelligence

Visualise the quality of water

Water forms a significant part of the Netherlands' geography, constituting to about 20 per cent of the territory. Water Boards or 'waterschappen' are regional bodies tasked with managing waterways, water levels, dikes and levies, quality and sewage treatment. This entails continuous gathering of data to monitor the water bodies. 

Our solutions for water boards help them capture, process, manage and distribute large amounts of spatial data, as well as extract intelligence. 


Quantitative management

Our remote sensing capabilities enable water boards to analyse quality of surface water in an efficient way that save both time and cost. 


Data visualisation and simulation

Stay ahead of the game by analysing high resolution aerial imagery to manage catchment areas.


Simplified and Integrated Solutions

Open standards enable our solutions to integrate seamlessly with the IT infrastructure at water boards eliminating the need to replace existing systems.