Road Networks
Road Networks
Monitor road quality

Efficiently manage transportation infrastructure

With increasing financial constraints and growing burden on road infrastructure, governments, road authorities and agencies are challenged with getting travellers and products to their destinations safely and on schedule, place repair and construction teams in  the right place at the right time, and determine where agency funds should be spent.

Our solutions enable you to establish a powerful enterprise data framework and an efficient management system to reference, unite and analyse numerous, diverse data sources that ultimately help you manage your roads networks.


Plan your network

Help your citizens and/or products get from point A to B in the shortest, fastest or most economical way with tools that enable multi-modal network calculations, ensuring you find the best solution to plan your journey or route your fleet.


Maintain your roads

Ensuring the quality of roads is vital to keep people and products moving. Our dashboard solutions based on real-time information help you gain insight needed to manage your budgets and plan onsite work.


Integrate with existing IT environment

Based on open standards, our solutions fit seamlessly into your existing architecture quashing the need to replace existing systems, spending additional funds or efforts.