Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Deal with increasing demands in an environment friendly way

Accelerate Your Efficiency

Deal with increasing demands in an environment friendly way

Oil and gas companies must comply with stringent environmental and safety regulations to minimize long term impacts of over-production. Increasing demands on limited natural resources call for improvements to existing processes, higher production efficiencies, while reducing costs, thereby leading to the need for greater insights in analytics, exploration and operations.

Satellite imagery is an indispensable source of accurate information for the oil and gas industry providing the basis for exploration, change detection, planning, execution, and monitoring operations and environmental impact.

Our solutions extract valuable information from hordes of imagery to create intelligent interfaces that enable you to manage and distribute real-time data on key performance indicators, necessary to run operations smoothly. Integrating mobile field devices to the enterprise IT systems allows for accurate and real-time view of operating conditions.


Monitor Performance

Monitor ongoing operations and environmental impact to facilitate reporting and managing operations to achieve performance goals while working within regulatory guidelines.


Mobile Workforce Management

Field-based workflows with enterprise data editing enable your field personnel to update statuses and conditions directly and efficiently.


Reduce Costs

Streamline and reduce the costs associated with the collection, storage, maintenance, and management of geospatial and asset information.