National Governments
Communicate Intelligence

Fusing statistics, business and location intelligence for Policy Makers

National or central governments are tasked with making, implementing, and monitoring policies, laws and budgets. This calls for policy makers and legislators to rely upon information for critical decision making.

Almost all processes within government agencies in the Netherlands deal with location. It is therefore imperative to connect location with databases and information. However, simply pooling data is not as powerful unless combined with information that can be projected dynamically, helping stakeholders to get answers.

We support the government with visualisation of information through interactive dashboards. Our solutions fuse statistics, business- and location intelligence turning information into a powerful tool to determine if policies and strategies have proven/will prove effective or not.


Simplified solutions for complex problems

Customised dashboards that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data, and available in the form of a simple app.


Shorten time for smart decision making

Smart decisions rely on interoperability between technology, processes and people. Our dynamic, interactive spatial dashboards that quickly and efficiently source information.


Communicate intelligence

Fusing location and statistics enables stakeholders to explore accurate and timely information across the enterprise leading to improved ways of communicating intelligence quickly.