Managing basicregistrations and more

Local municipalities and RUD's are responsible for a large part of the daily management of our territory. Wether it is about public green spaces, cables and plumbing, parkingmanagement, taking care of urban development, jobs and traffic management, it all falls unto the municipalities responsibilities. 

To have a constant insight of their area local municipalities keep track of basic registrations, like BAG, the BGT, but also information regarding taxes (WOZ), and public space (BOR) and many more. An accurate account of these registrations is critical for well informed policy decissionmaking. In these cases it might be mostly about zoning areas, residential planning, parking policies, but also issues like healthcare, tourism and city marketing. Thanks to the latest techniques in 2D and 3D citizens and visitors get a more realistic picture of the surroundings of a town. 

More often citizens are asked to help in this. With the participation society the citizens are called upon to take care of things themselves more than they used to and the local municipality helps them with tracking down issues in the areas that require it. 

These and other developments, like the Internet of Things for example, make it possible for a city to focus its ambitions towards defining and accomplishing a Smart City. IMAGEM provides aid to local governments with a number of powerful platforms to manage their basic registrations with mutation signaling and visual mapping. Through the creation of helpful Smart City dashboards and involving the citizens with mobile applications for tracking down the latest issues in the district.