Education Programme
Education Programme
Invest in the Future with Confidence

Stay Ahead of the Game

Investing in education is crucial for maintaining your competitive position in the world. We understand the importance of continuously learning, growing, and challenging yourself. 

Imagem offers Hexagon Geospatial's education programme in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with all remote sensing, photogrammetry, and GIS software for the desktop, enterprise, and cloud platforms in one place! Based on your needs, choose the programme that suits you best. You can also find the support and tools for academic research projects and teaching, including rich documentation and deep insights so students understand how to apply these technologies into key industry sectors.

Our education programme equips you with tools you need to succeed. Invest in the future with confidence with our software. 


Desktop Education Programme

Students can obtain free software licenses for use in the comfort of their own home! More information


Campus-wide Grant

Universities can avail a complementary, unique and robust package that other geospatial software companies cannot match. More information


Smart M.Apps for Education

We invite students, professors, and research scientists to build the M.App of the future. Hexagon Smart M.Apps are not your ordinary static maps – they are analytical services portrayed over a map. More information