Connect with farmers

Yield efficiencies

Growing population require higher crop yields from shrinking areas for cultivation, leading to using advanced technology for precision farming. Our solutions help you capture accurate information about crop height, density, and condition; measure soil quality and sun positioning; and identify potential impacts of drought, pestilence, and other threats.


Connect with farmers

Enable farmers to access cloud-based high resolution imagery, tools and maps to stay on top of their fields and operations. Support sustainable practices in the farming community by enabling two-way, cloud-based sharing of critical farm data.


Measure Your Harvest

Perform field and crop inspection through powerful, connected mobile products. High end digitizing tools let the farmer capture parcel extents, crop type and conditions, and even print high quality maps.


Drive Profitability

Improve quality and ensure maximum efficiency and profitability of farm operations - the only way ahead to feed a global population growing at an exponential rate.