Make Geospatial Matter

Oct 03, 2019
Media Plaza, Jaarbeurs, Croeselaan 6, 3521 CA Utrecht

Make Geospatial Matter is IMAGEM’s annual conference. This exciting day will host inspiring lectures, success stories and plenty of time to network with peers and industry experts. IMAGEM will bring you a day you won’t forget.

Citizens, policy makers and politicians, everyone uses a form of geospatial information. Often to gain insight in a staggering amount of data, to make smarter and better decisions. Collaborate is the best description of this day. Working together, share information and accelerate. Building a new future step-by-step with IMAGEM.

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Why Attend?

IMAGEM has a refreshing look on the future of geospatial intelligence. Using sensors and automation in a smart way we are able to understand and visualize the world around us. Mapping all its dimensions and taking the right actions at the right moment.

This is a journey we are undertake with our partners and customers, you would want to be part of that right? During Make Geospatial Matter you will learn how we strengthen each other and making this future a reality.



Multiple speakers including industry-experts will highlight the importance of location-intelligence technology.



Attend different break-out sessions and hear from peers how they make use of IMAGEM-solutions in their daily activities.



Relaxing is part of the program. Discuss and talk about the sessions while having a bite and a drink.

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Are you interested?

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