Training Day

We're please to introduce IMAGEM Training Day - a full day of professional training courses for our customers. In order to sign up, you must read the session details below, and then sign up for the course(s) of your choice. Note that these courses are priced at €99 per training.  

Workshop: Data management made easy

Usage of geospatial data is growing exponentially, but alongside so is the need to effectively catalog, index and manage it. Geospatial big data management is now easy with Hexagon Geospatial technologies that allow you to compress and manage large amounts of data. At this workshop you will learn to manage data using server solutions that enable you to extract the needed information within seconds.

Workshop: Change detection & baseline measurement

Basic registration such as BAC, BGT and other records are valuable geographic datasets managed by governments. These records must be real-time, reliable and complete to gain the maximum benefits from them. IMAGEM helps semi automate these key registers for change-detection and baseline measurements.

In this workshop you will work with different mutation alerts such as dormer windows, outhouses and also baseline measurements. We will calculate changes automatically using a specially designed user interface. Besides information on property tax, we will calculate volume based on BAG information and a height data.

We recommend that you attend the ‘Possibilities of Spatial Modelling’ workshop to know more about ideas on using mutations.

Workshop: Generate and analyse 3D city models

Use of 3D city models is increasing becoming popular given the clean visuals. However, to make the data behind these city models must be realistic so as to facilitate analysis and provide views on field development, city marketing and more.

In this workshop you will generate a semi-automated 3D city model of a street, using stereo photographs and BAG buildings. After generating 3D models, automated textures from the stereo images will be put on the buildings, and the 3D city model will be exported to CityGML. A 3D environment will then be used to see the results and perform analysis.

For more information on generating 3D models read this blog post.

Workshop: Possibilities with Spatial Modelling

Comparing files, merging data, object recognition and finding mutations – all of these processes require spatial modelling. In this workshop we will learn to use the change detection landscape, and learn the scope of spatial modelling using technology from Hexagon Geospatial.

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