Space4Ghent: Satellite data improving life in cities

How can satellites help cities become more sustainable and efficient? How can satellite-based services enhance our urban experience? What satellite data is freely available and how to access it?

Satellite applications are by definition objective, shareable and scalable. They can change our urban experience, as well as help public authorities improve their services.

In many European cities, satellite navigation allows transport managers to monitor and optimise public and private transport. Numerous mobile apps rely on satellite navigation signals, e.g. to help persons with disabilities in their daily movements or to enable residents to provide feedback to their local authorities.

Satellite communication is also used in cities, to connect rescue teams when other connections are down, or to perform health checks in public spaces, among others.

IMAGEM is participating in this conference to share experiences of implementing satellite data based solutions at municipalities in the Netherlands.

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Using satellite imagery to enhance resilience in the cities of Almere and Nijmegen

Satellite-based remote sensing and the tasks a municipality stand for, are not a match made in heaven. With advancements in technology and the availability of constantly available data streams from satellites, municipalities today can solve everyday problems.

In this presentation, we will deep-dive into three areas – better modelling and predicting air quality using Sentinel 3 and 5; monitoring soil settlement using Sentinel 1; and improving sewer planning by monitoring permeability of top-layer with TripleSat. In each case, we will showcase how transforming the theoretical world of remote sensing into information management helps city mayors and alderman alike in data-driven decision making.

Dirk Voets

Business Consultant at IMAGEM

Dirk Voets has over 20 years of experience in the geospatial domain with specialisations in remote sensing solutions for defence, security and municipalities. He has been with IMAGEM since 2008 as a business consultant supporting growth of various industry verticals with his expertise.

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