Grip op Geo for Waterboards and Provinces

The world of geo applications is changing. More and more complex processes are being automated and more and more basic data are being confronted in an intelligent and dynamic way, making data-driven decision making possible. During the Grip on Geo sessions we will take you into these developments and explain what this means in the specific context of a water board or province.

How does it work, how can you use this technology and what does it deliver? In a number of practical sessions we take you along and show you live, for example, how you can easily set up a control dashboard yourself, quickly and purposefully make changes on track and make efficient use of drones for inspections and other tasks.

The sessions are intended for both end users and information managers who want to have a good understanding of the possibilities and want to translate this into added value for the organization.

IMAGEM is pleased to invite you for this day on Thursday 18 April 2019.