Smart Roads

Smart Roads

ROAD QUALITY MONITOR - Direct insight for policy-and decision-makers in road maintenance and quality monitoring. Access historical road maintenance records and data, measure the impact of policies, visualise trends and developments and more with this intuitive dashboard. 

Simplify and stream big data from multiple sources into this concise dashboard, enabling key business insights. This dashboard combines location data with statistics and information on roads, thereby enabling policy makers, managers and field workers alike to analyse impact of policies on real-time basis. Information is now only 3 clicks away!

Smart Budgeting

Understand where investments can have the most impact.

Immediate Insights

Instant, reliable information in a blink of an eye, including actual data and historical data availability.

Full Transparency

Share information between multiple stakeholders, including all aspects of roadway investment, usage and health.

Facts on Netherlands' roads

Length of roadways: 139,124 km
Length of expressways:3,654 km
Dedicated cycle tracks:35,000 km
Distance traveled annually:200 billion km