Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

SMART LIGHT MANAGEMENT - An easy to use asset management solution that uses a information about light masts locations and combines the output with clever filters. The sensors in the light mast care for dataflows that are very valuable for maintenance, help cut costs and improve safety on the streets.

What to expect

At one glance it is clear which lighting masts have a certain amount of operating hours and where they are situated in your designated area. The specific properties of each light mast, such as the material it is made of and moment of placement give an extra dimension in smart asset management.

Municipalities and cities in the Netherlands are working proactively to improve and shape the sense of security and safety in neighbourhoods. It is hard to measure this sense of security simply through the usage of existing data and sensors, but with a different way of translating and utilizing this data it is possible to measure the effect of policies. The unsafe feeling of residents in the district can be partly removed by allowing more operating hours of light masts in the district.

Smart Lighting will help you benefit in improvements in communication, maintenance and policy through the usage and active implementation of light masts and lighting in urban and rural areas.