Smart Green Space

Smart Green Space

VEGETATION COVERAGE MONITOR - It is now possible to analyse the ratio between vegetation and built-up areas for municipalities, provinces or districts using real-time and legacy data. Use this app to review and monitor policies for green spaces in your jurisdiction.

We have measured the ratio of green (vegetation) and grey (built-up) areas in the Netherlands using Landsat imagery for the last 30 years. With the Smart Green Space dashboard, it is possible to analyse the changes in ratio between green and built-up areas, and support research into ‘urban heat islands’ and ‘water permeability studies’, making it possible to review and monitor the policies on green spaces in urban areas. 

View Greenness

Identify areas of greenery and where greenness isn't thriving.

Ecological Monitoring

Find areas of deforestation, overgrazing, encroachments or illegal built-up areas. 

Policy Effectiveness

Find out how effective are your green policies. 

Facts on Dutch trees

Amount of trees:162.000.000
Highest tree:50,4 m
Amount of forest per inhabitant (2012):293 m2 per person

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