Smart Emission

AIR QUALITY AND NOISE LEVEL MONITOR - An intelligent cloud-based monitor that uses sensor-data to collect information and analyse trends and patterns on an interactive dashboard.

Collaborate with your government to solve pressing issues such as air-pollution and noise-levels by using this dashboard to visualise sensor-data combined with METEO data. This dashboard allows both citizens and government to jointly measure and visualise emission levels in their city, derive trends and patterns and discuss urban planning issues to ensure healthy living.


See a real-time view of current temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality readings, and sound level readings in your city.


Compare sensor readings to other city sensors or to the city as a whole.


Examine a specific sensor’s data over time to discover trends.

Did You Know? 

Global population breathing clean air (as measured by WHO) in 2016 was only 8%


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Make Geospatial Matter

Thursday 4 Oct 2018

Make Geospatial Matter

IMAGEM’S annual conference – Make Geospatial Matter will be held on Tuesday, 04 October at Media Plaza, Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The event is especially designed for governments, businesses and users who deal with location-intelligence in one form or another.

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