Smart Economic Zones

Smart Economic Zone

GEO-ECONOMICAL TRENDS MONITOR - In a unified and dynamic overview you gain immediate insight into the economy within a municipality or region. This dashboard also indicates the annual changes in in commercial or business areas, historical data, and the impact on the job market. 

Conduct efficient and effective in trends and developments of economic zones - host commercial, industrial and business areas - that have direct impact on the employment sector. Policy makers can use this information (real-time combined with historical data) to measure the impact of policies, visualise patterns and trends, as well as use the dashboards for effective planning. 

Deep Market Insights

Get more insight on the economic zones in an interactive and unified view.

Measure Impact of Policies

Dynamically visualise the impact of policies over a period of time.

Enhance Decision Making

Use intelligence from the dashboards to make data-driven decisions that directly impact the economy of a city of region as well as the liveability of inhabitants.

Facts on Dutch roads

Length of roadways:139,124 km
Length of expressways:3,654 km
Dedicated cycle tracks:35,000 km
Distance traveled annually:200 billion km