Do you know in which areas of your municipality your citizens experience a lot of nuisance from fireworks? How can you respond quickly? And do you know what else is going on in these areas?

Did you know? In the Netherlands, the use of fireworks for citizens is only permitted in certain areas from December 31st to January 1st, from 18:00 to 2:00 at night. Fireworks are prohibited near zoos, animal shelters and clinics; school playgrounds and playgrounds; hospitals; and fireworks sales points.

New Year's Eve is a time for celebrations, but it is often accompanied by nuisance of fireworks. Not only are fireworks bad for the environment and air quality, they can be dangerous - cause fires, inflict damage, burns or worse.


Given the frequent use of fireworks in the Netherlands, municipalities are highly dependent on citizens for reporting incidents. So how do municipalities ensure that citizens report fireworks nuisance easily, safely and without trouble?

In 2018, city of Helmond used a solution from IMAGEM that was free for citizens to use. Mayor Elly Blanksma - van den Heuvel announced the app on social media popularising it amongst citizens. Nuisance can be reported with the Mobile Alert, available on iOS and PlayStore as a free app.


The reporting is anonymous (GDPR compliant) and guarantees citizens’ privacy. They can submit a report in just four steps - open, click a photo, add a comment, send. The location is auto-tagged, so you there is no need to search for or type an address. All reports are immediately received by the municipality tomake informed decisions.

More than just reporting nuisance

While the app’s core function is to collect location-specific real-time data, the municipalities can gain real insights. By connecting the this data with other sources an interactive dashboard multiple patterns and trends can be derived. These insights can help municipalities make timely decisions, plan budgets and predict areas of concern.

Our citizen-participation program helps municipalities connect and communicate with their residents and enables evidence-based decision making. Do you want to know more about our citizen participation solutions?

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