Citizen participation can help identify desire paths


Do you have a record of the number of roads, cycle-paths and footpaths in your municipality? How about the number of desire paths? And how are you dealing with these desire paths?

What are desire paths? Paths created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal foot-fall traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination. Source: Wikipedia

A municipality generally reacts to desire paths quickly on discovering them – either by converting them into legal pathways such as zebra crossings, bike roads, footpaths; or by blocking them in case of danger to citizens and property.

But how would you know (a) where these paths are, and (b) which ones are to be considered most seriously for legalisation? How about asking your citizens? They can help report the unsightly paths; as well as the ones they to see legalised.

Dangerous commute

Desire paths can be unsightly, but also dangerous. During rains or sleet/snow, the mud is slippery which can be dangerous. A simple solution would be for commuters to flag the desire path to the municipality and request for a footpath to be paved. It’s only logical to ask. What happens next?

Citizen participation

IMAGEM’s citizen participation program helps the municipality and residents communicate and solve day-to-day problems that help improve quality of life. The solution can be used by citizens to report desire paths, and by municipalities for taking action.

Once citizens’ complaints are integrated on the dashboard, the municipality can plan for further action. They can block the path, suggest alternate paths, or construct a path. In ether situation multiple departments must work together and communicate with citizens to resolve the issue.

Our citizen-participation program helps municipalities connect and communicate with their residents and enables evidence-based decision making. Do you want to know more about our citizen participation solutions?

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Do you want to hear from your citizens about issues in their neighbourhoods? Why not turn this citizen data into valuable insights? We can show you how!