Data-driven decision making with citizen participation

Tax-paying citizens expect the government to keep their neighbourhoods in a good state, and to achieve and maintain these expectations, municipalities rely on internal process and workflows. For an optimal result, these processes are linked to issues the citizen is annoyed with and ones where he sees an active role for the government, such as:

However, the real challenge for municipalities is not acting on these problems, rather receiving accurate and timely information. Why not share responsibility with the most valuable resources on the field – citizens? Your citizens can report common problems they face in their neighbourhoods on a real-time basis.

Plug and Play

Citizens get a free app that is availabe on iOS and Android, making it easily accessible at no cost.

Integrate data with location

Align your planning activities, resources and funds by location, giving you a unified view of your data.


Departments are able to create reports tailored to their needs. Everyone can gain insights and make data-driven decisions.


Personalise and edit the complaint categories based on the relevant issues in your municipality.

Status monitor

Citizens know the progress of their reports once submitted. Strengthens trust in the government and increases the involvement of citizens.


GDPR compliant and protects your citizen's privacy. Safe to report incidents and yield higher response rates.


Do you want to hear from your citizens about issues in their neighbourhoods? Why not turn this citizen data into valuable insights? We can show you how!