Playing With Geo

Playing With Geo

During GeoWeek, more than 7000 students make their first steps in the big world of geo. Students are encouraged to explore the outdoors, under guidance of various companies and organisations. That GeoWeek is a success is without doubt, this year the number of attendees grew more than 40%!

This year, the geoprofessionals got ‘lucky’, because of extreme weather conditions – high temperatures paired with heavy rainfall (which is not normal for the Netherlands in this time of the year). Now the waterboards could explain how they change their water management due to climate change. Municipalities need to consider the heavy rainfall when building and renewing infrastructure. The main goal however during GeoWeek is to bring the children a fun day.

Companies participate in the GeoWeek because they want to introduce their domain and possibilities to youngsters at an early stage by making them part of a grand experience. The geo sector in the Netherlands hopes to encourage the children to choose a discipline in one of these areas. This in fact, is becoming a serious issue. Scarcity of domain-expertise is on the rise and this is only getting worse according to Rabobank.1

How stereophoto's are made with areal imagery.

IMAGEM participated in GeoWeek and visited Esdal College in Oosterhesselen on May 31. The main topic was - 3D areal imagery. How the imagery is made, why and what purposes does it serve – were some of the topics IMAGEM explored with a playful presentation.

Using a triangle to measure the height of a building.

The day closed with a practical assignment – can we measure the height of a school with a triangle? The solution - placing the triangle in the right angle, in line with the roof of the school. After the explanation, the children went outside and tried to apply this to their own school. Their result was fairly accurate.

We hope to spend time with students again next year.

1Source: RaboResearch, “Arbeidsschaarste – krapte op komst in veel Nederlandse sectoren”