Top 4 Reasons To Attend The ‘Make Geospatial Matter’ Conference

Top 4 Reasons To Attend The ‘Make Geospatial Matter’ Conference

IMAGEM is happy to announce its annual conference Make Geospatial Matter (MGM) on 03 October at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Moving beyond the traditional ‘user-conference’, this revamped conference has widened its wing-span to cater to a broader audience while streamlining focus on communicating location intelligence.

Location is everywhere. Coordinates are the building blocks of our world and rapid changes in space and time requires us to constantly adjust and respond. We at IMAGEM are translators - we translate raw and complex data to comprehensive and visual information. Dynamic maps and interactive infographics offer powerful visual communication tools for everyone to understand. You acquire the tools to quickly and adequately respond to the constantly changing world, and gain control of your future.

You can be a part of the geo-movement too. Attend the Make Geospatial Matter conference to get inspired with geo-stories and spread the impact. Here are 4 reasons to attend the conference:


MGM 2017 is the place to be if you want to meet thought leaders and influencers. The conference will host international speakers from Hexagon Geospatial, industry and technology experts who will discuss and debate their visions, current trends, and futuristic solutions. You can not only meet these thought leaders face-to-face , but also learn best-practices on the go.


This is your unique opportunity to learn about IMAGEM’s vision and strategies. Whether you’re a customer, partner or just an interested party, the MGM conference is the location to be to curb your curiosity. Learn industry trends and tactics, and how we helps users stay ahead of the game with cutting-edge solutions.


We want to hear from you too. Share your stories with the audience, and in turn learn from others. Take away lessons learned and best practices to improve your results. If you don’t have a story to share yet, you can still get inspired with what the others have shared, and share your takeaway with your colleagues.


Rub shoulders with the who’s who of geospatial industry and peers. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with others, trade ideas and brainstorm.

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