Meet the intern – Careli Caballero

Meet the intern - Careli Caballero

Every year students from universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemboug apply for internships at IMAGEM. We bring you to our intern this summer - Careli Caballero. 

Q: Tell us about your academic background

I did a Bachelor in Geography in Mexico. Then, I worked for a year in the Geography Institute on different projects regarding GIS and traffic accidents. Afterwards, I continued as GIS analyst working for three years at TomTom Mexico.

Q: why do you like geography?

I like the spatial analysis perspective that you can develop being a geographer. I also like to work in field gathering all kinds of data, and I also enjoy discovering the power of software to find geospatial solutions.

Q: what is your project at imagem?

I am involved in two projects: extracting tree parameters from remotely sensed data; and city lighting from remotely sensed data, for social safety and for light pollution in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Q: why did you choose to do you internship at imagem?

I have worked with GIS, but during the masters course I discovered and enjoyed working with remote sensing. During events in the Netherlands such as GeoBuzz (October 2017) and GIMA Day (December 2016) I had the opportunity to connect with staff from IMAGEM and Hexagon and realized that it was the place where I could improve my knowledge on remote sensing and its application, especially in business geosolutions rather than simply relying on research during the masters course.

Q: what do you like about imagem so far?

At training I have realized the power of ERDAS IMAGINE, and there are many new tools for me and it’s interesting the variety of projects the company is involved in. I also like to work with a small group and the peace in the offices. Furthermore, I want to improve Dutch, then I can practice here because in the University of Wageningen everybody speaks English.

Q: tell us more about yourself, your hobbies, likes & dislikes.

I consider myself a very friendly person, but at the beginning I can be a bit shy. I love dancing, traveling, watching movies, running and rock climbing. I also like practicing speleology and canyoning, but unfortunately, since I arrived to the Netherlands I haven’t had the chance to practice them. I also found that I like cooking when I moved here, especially desserts. About dislikes, I don’t like metal rock and I am not a fan of the curry taste in food.