The idea behind Lunch & Learn sessions

The idea behind Lunch & Learn sessions

Last year we introduced the Lunch & Learn session. A Lunch & Learn session is a short training course, where the theoretical background of a certain topic is the focus of things, and not the software used.

A Lunch and Learn session only takes four hours. And, the name gives it away, during this training course sandwiches will be served. Food during a training course, we are not really accustomed to that. That is because our training courses normally cover the usage of certain software. We are after all the distributor of software like ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia. The participants will have to work on a computer a lot in that case. But bread crumbles and spilt milk ruin the keyboards, so I do not allow people to eat during regular training courses. But with a Lunch & Learn session it’s a different story. Since this is more about the theory, and about discussing the things we know and learn, part of the session takes place in a regular meeting room. And we can easily organise a table with fresh sandwiches and eggs and all sorts of drinks, cosily grouped together, in a regular meeting room.

If we develop a training course, the guiding questions are: what is the target audience, and what are the learning goals? Are there any prerequisites? Well, with Lunch & Learn sessions we always make the assumption that there is no knowledge in advance with our participants regarding the topic. The participant is not always a customer of ours, often people are still in an orientation phase regarding a certain process. As an example I mention Change Detection here. This process can be performed in different types of software, but before people can start doing this, one needs to know something about the theory about it: how does it work, what are the different possibilities, and would it work within our organisation? Answering these questions are part of the learning goals, these answers will come from a Lunch & Learn session. The theory behind all this will be covered.

Are four hours of training enough for the (sometimes complex) theory? The answer is: yes. It tends to be enough to have an understanding of the possibilities, without going too far in depth on all sorts of side notes. It is enough to take decisions and to start moving in a certain direction.

During the Lunch & Learn session participants will do exercises in the regular training room. During the exercises we will use the Hexagon Geospatial software. The exercises are meant to understand the theory better. Sometimes we state that a Lunch & Learn session is a prerequisite for another training course. In this way the participant can focus on the practical applications and the use of the software in the follow up training course. But the basic theory is already there in that case. And it does not really matter that much which software to use to visualise the theory. But we can offer the proper solution.

Did you get curious? Look in that case at the specific webpage on Lunch & Learn for more information.

We look forward to welcome you in one of our Lunch and Learn sessions!