HxGN LOCAL 2017 | Defence Summit

HxGN LOCAL 2017 | Defence Summit

HxGN LOCAL Defence Summit is the annual conference designed especially for defence, security, IMINT and CIMIC communities in the Western European countries. Defence organisations are often taxed with collecting and analysing an increasing volume of imagery from varied and complex sources. Imagery, vector, and elevation data all need to be fused together in support of comprehensive geospatial analyses.

Watch this event report:

Hosted by IMAGEM in partnership with GEOSYSTEMS and Hexagon Geospatial, the event hosted a series of hands-on training, workshops, and sessions to showcase powerful, highly dynamic, and intuitive products that can assist your organisations to make data-driven smart decisions. Check out the agenda for further details. 

As every year, the conference was held at held at Drielandenpunt - the tripoint between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

We hope you see you there next year!