Hexagon Smart M.App Workshop in Belgium

Hexagon Smart M.App Workshop in Belgium

The Map of the Future is Now!

Policy makers, professionals, developers or students on the lookout for new technological experiences, learn about the future of maps on April 15 in Zellik, Belgium!

Over many centuries, we have used maps to understand location and to depict snapshots of geography in visually compelling ways. Maps are increasingly used to visualise data and tell stories. But maps are static. They don’t provide full answers to the complex questions we face in the world today.

Our world is dynamic, constantly changing, and to be truly understood, we need to think differently about maps. We need maps which provide answers. The map of the future is not just a map – it’s a smart app. Hexagon Smart M.Apps deliver a fresh and powerful way to gain insight into our dynamically changing world.

See one of the very first Smart M.Apps, developed in The Netherlands:

Join us for an overview of Smart M.Apps ! This full day seminar is designed to provide you with insights on the Smart M.Apps technology – lightweight, data-driven applications that provide targeted solutions to your business problems. In the afternoon, there will be hands-on workshop, where our technology experts will show you how to build a Smart M.App from scratch!

Depending on your whereabouts, register for the Belgian event today and save your seat!

Event details:

Fri, 15 April at 9 AM
Vliegwezenlaan 48, 1731 Zellik, Belgium
Register here for the session held in Belgium!

This one-day seminar also equips you to participate in the IGNITE challenge – an opportunity to build an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that you believe will change the world. If it hits the mark, you can win big. Learn more about the IGNITE challenge here.

We hope to see you at one of those great opportunities!

For any information, contact ignite@imagem.nl or info@merkator.be

Note that our French/Dutch/English speaking teams will be present to ensure your comfort in all 3 languages.
The seminar is free but registration is compulsory.

Organized by Hexagon Geospatial & Imagem
The Belgian session is hosted by Merkator