Grip op Geo 2018: A successful day for Municipalities, Waterboards & Provinces, and Engineering Companies

Grip op Geo 2018: A successful day for Municipalities, Waterboards & Provinces, and Engineering Companies

Grip on Geo is an annual technology-focused event by IMAGEM – a platform to share technological advancements and industry-specific solutions. This year the event was held on 24 April at Hotel NH Amersfoort with attendees from municipalities, waterboards & provinces and consultancy & engineering firms. The focus was on showcasing innovative location-intelligence solutions to ‘information-makers’.

The day, as well as the audience, were split into three breakout streams, each focusing on a different industry, and thereby addressing specific requirements of each group.

Breakfast Session

Starting early, the first session of the day was for Dutch municipalities. We understand that work pressure at the municipalities is often high, while budgets for IT infrastructure and software is low. However, the need for increased efficiencies is ever escalating. With little time to maintain all tasks and processes, the need for automation is enormous. Hence, the presenters focused on leveraging the innovative solutions from IMAGEM for automation of processes, as well as data-driven decision making. A guest session by Frank Slangen, geo-information advisor at Municipality of Almere, provided in-depth understanding of how data captured quickly using drones can be visualised and analysed using dynamic dashboards. Read about our solutions for municipalities.

Lunch Session

Following a nutritious lunch, the representatives from Dutch waterboards and provinces spent the next few hours learning and interacting with domain experts. Patrick de Groot - Business Development & Sales Manager at IMAGEM – noted how drones are no longer futuristic, rather they readily implementable. Waterboards in the Netherlands have the tough job of keeping feet dry in a country that is, for a large part, under sea level. Drones provide flexibility to capture data at the required frequency and specific needs. However, the full potential of data must be harvested. Using solutions IMAGEM (based on Hexagon Geospatial technology) helps waterboards stay ahead of the curve with flexible and simple to use tools that can be automated and customised on-demand. Learn more about our solutions for waterboards and provinces.

Dinner Session

Last session of the day was reserved for consultancies, engineering companies and other commercial organisations who use and/or implement our Hexagon Geospatial technology-based solutions in the Netherlands. A plethora of topics were explored in this session, ranging from machine learning to dynamic dashboards, spatial models and so on. Much more interactive in nature, this session helped the attendees grasp the major technological advancements that would help them create smarter solutions and make data-driven decisions. In conjunction with the innovative trends seen during the day, the session ended with a live demo on creating realist 3D city models in just a few clicks. Know more.

Looking Forward to ‘Make Geospatial Matter’ in October

While this day focused on how our solution are relevant and usable by multiple industries, you must be wondering about the results. Here’s your chance to hear from our customers on successes stories, ideas, and more. Attend our annual conference ‘Make Geospatial Matter’ on 04 October 2018 at Utrecht, the Netherlands. Check out last year's success in the video below. Register today to save your spot.