Calling all Geo-Enthusiasts – Here’s Your Chance to Win $100000 and Be Famous with IGNITE!

Calling all Geo-Enthusiasts – Here’s Your Chance to Win $100000 and Be Famous with IGNITE!

Are you a geo-enthusiast who needs motivation to create the next ‘big thing’? How about $100000 and a chance for your name to go down in geo-history? Participate in the IGNITE competition to solve real world issues and change the game!

You see, maps today are static and do not project real-time information, limiting the end users to mostly technical staff. For example, if a politician or alderman wants to check out the state of roads in his city, they need to rely on their GIS/IT teams to show them the maps and data that’s not even real time! Imagine wanting to know weather conditions before stepping out of the house, and not knowing it’s going to rain! Static data can be very frustrating in this day and age of technology.

Hexagon Geospatial has released the Hexagon Smart M.App – a cloud based application that delivers a dynamic information experience to users. And they’re looking for innovative ideas and concepts to develop apps that would be useful to wide user bases.

Imagem, the distributor of Hexagon Geospatial technology and solution in Benelux, was a frontrunner in developing one of the first Smart M.Apps. In partnership with the Antea Group, Imagem developed apps for municipalities to monitor the conditions of roads and sewers in the Netherlands. See this video to know more –

Getting back to the subject of how you can win the grand prize (or a series of other prizes) – Hexagon Geospatial has announced IGNITE, a competition to create the M.App of the future! However, IGNITE is more than a competition. It is your opportunity to build an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that you believe will change the world. The themes of Smart M.Apps are an array of industries that need dynamic solutions sooner than later –


So how can you enter the competition? Firstly, you must attend a local workshop and learn to build the app. Imagem is holding the first ever workshop in the Netherlands on Fri, 01 April at Lelystad. We need innovation to come from you – the users and developers. Sign up today

Note: You can enter the competition as an individual or a team.

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