7 Reasons to Attend the IGNITE Session in Lelystad on 01 April

7 Reasons to Attend the IGNITE Session in Lelystad on 01 April

“It’s not only GIS. It’s not only Business Intelligence. It’s not only Statistics. It’s Hexagon Smart M.App – a new way to communicate dynamic information.”
–  A Wise Man

Learn about the Map of the Future!

Human beings are extraordinarily good at analysing patterns and bringing form to the information that surrounds us. We have used maps to catalogue much of this form for years, but the Hexagon Smart M.App® brings the map of the future, a way for users to build their own applications, connect to diverse data sources, analyse the data, visualise it in new and meaningful ways, and get answers for making smart decisions quickly and easily. Learn all about these cloud based applications that deliver dynamic information experience.

It’s not all technical

Whoever said a seminar on innovation, technology and solutions is going to be just technical? This full-day seminar is designed to cater to policy makers, business associates, developers, professors and students alike. Smart M.Apps are changing the landscape of geospatial industry already in Holland, and in this session you will learn how these apps can reap business benefits by driving efficiencies, reducing time and efforts and more, with local examples.

Get Your Hands on the Platform

Well, wait a minute. It’s not going to be all chatter and no play – there’s time built into the day to let you get your hands on the platform! See our experts deftly create a Smart M.App from scratch and then you can do the same. Our team will be there to help if out every step of the way. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop though.

Participate in IGNITE competition

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be an expert on Smart M.Apps. Using the knowledge from these sessions, you will be eligible to participate in the IGNITE sessions and a chance to win $100000 (that’s 5 zeros if you’re counting). You can enter the competition as an individual or a team. Learn more about the competition.

Mingle with Smart M.App Experts

This is your chance to meet with domain, technology, and industry experts from around the world, whose sole purpose on this day would be to introduce you to the map of the future. Meet the core team: Stefano Turcato, Wim Bozelie, Arjen Haayman, and Niels van de Graaf.

Our team of experts can communicate in English, Dutch, French, and Italian.

All-Paid Event at a Great Location: The Aviodrome

Yes that’s right, the event is at The Aviodrome Aviation Themepark, Lelystad. There are about a 100 display-aircrafts parked at the Aviodrome and you can look around during the breaks – as long as you get back on time for the sessions. Note: event managers unanimously voted to keep window shutters down, so that presenters and attendees focus on sessions rather than looking out of the windows to see aircrafts.

Celebrate April Fools’ Day with an Evening Social

Do stay on for drinks and finger-food after the seminar and mingle with your peers before you take off for the weekend. Celebrate April Fools’ Day with the fun and frolic this global observance deserves. This is not a hoax – we really have arranged for beer.

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Register at hexgeo.co/IGNITEimagem

For any queries or help, contact us at ignite@imagem.nl

A second workshop is being planned in Belgium on Fri, 15 April. You can register for it here – http://hexgeo.co/IGNITEbelgium