Yashita Arora

Yashita joined IMAGEM in 2016 to start the marketing department – giving the company a professional look, define an identity and increase brand awareness. Multiple successes have been booked under her name like the Make Geospatial Matter event and starting You Make Geospatial Matter-magazine.

Yashita is a real animal enthusiast and will complete 20 years of being a vegetarian later this year. She uses her creativity in her hobbies such as painting, embroidery, crochet, candles and chocolate making and henna patterns. Yashita devours three to four books a month and even had to take an online subscription because she was out of storage space for books. She likes the cold, rain and snow and finds everything above 20 degrees too hot.

‘dream big, hustle harder’

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Yashita Arora