Wouter Brokx

Wouter is the founder and CEO of IMAGEM. He is no stranger to the geospatial-sector, rather he has a Master’s in Geology and worked in Aerospace among other things. In 2003 he founded IMAGEM, and ever since he has led the company with a vision, that he conveys to the team through his open and goal-oriented personality. Working together on innovative and relevant solutions for customers is what it is about for him.

Good and healthy food is very important to Wouter, and his homemade risotto or spaghetti carbonara are devoured every week by his daughters. Not surprisingly though, Wouter has followed a masterclass with a top chef and even worked in his restaurant a few times. In addition to the life, he likes to travel, and his day is made with a cup of good coffee.

"I value the fact that we can bike everywhere 
we want in this country tremendously"

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