Jasper Neef

Jasper is the communications specialist at IMAGEM, and he is responsible for all content on the website, articles, blogs, social media and more. In his role, he strives towards building communication practices and standards, and build a strong market footprint with interesting stories.

In his free time, Jasper is a sports enthusiast. Most evenings he can be found on the tennis court or at the gym pumping weights, and in the winters he’s off snowboarding in Austria with his father and brother. He loves to read about health, nutrition and sport related articles, something his team mates must endure in the office. Apart from health and nutrition, Jasper loves to travel. He has studies abroad in South Korea, Canada and Argentina and has visited more countries outside of Europe than within. His lifelong dream is to visit 100 countries before he turns 40.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

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