Arjen Haayman

Arjen is our developer at IMAGEM. Software based on space or maps has always played a major role in his career. Wherever he came, this type of software was always present. Not entirely surprising, because this fits well with his study Social Geography. At work, Arjen is faced mainly with Smart M.Apps, custom adjustments or building complete smart M.Apps, Arjen manages.

If you can choose one word to describe Arjen, it would be cycling. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of him. All his life he has chosen his work, so that he can go to work by bike. His highlight? His commute to Łódź in Poland. Arjen likes to go outside and tries to enjoy every sunray whenever possible. In addition to cycling, he has another passion, he has been playing in a theater group for years and is enjoying himself there.

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