Do you want to know who you just spoke to on the phone? Or add a face to someone you have exchanged emails with? Check our this team page, where each member of the IMAGEM family shares their own story.  Click on the photos to learn about responsibilities at work, but also what they do in their spare time!


Robbert van Bussel

Business Consultant

Tjip van Dale

Business Consultant

Wim Bozelie

Technology Director

Wouter Brokx


Yashita Arora

Marketing Director

Patrick de Groot

Sales Director

Niels van de Graaf

Market Manager - Government

Arjen Haayman

Senior Developer

Sabina Willemsen

HR & Operations Director

Dennis Westmaas

Senior Geospatial Solutions Specialist

Mark Dunnewind

Inside Sales

Bryan Veldkamp

Marketing Design Specialist

Tieme de Jonge

Marketing Communication Specialist

Michelle Mostowy

Senior Program Manager

Reinier de Graaf

Geospatial Solutions Specialist

Marcel van der Weerd

Geospatial Solutions Specialist

Walter Jansen

Walter Jansen

Front-End Developer

Peter Schoep

Peter Schoep

Project Manager

Harald Görtz

Harald Görtz

Business Consultant